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Learn about the advantages of buying in a preconstruction property

Getting a property in pre-construction phase as an investor is the best option, in this blog we tell you all the advantages and benefits of investing in this type of real estate, you can have the option to customize your property to your liking and payment facilities.

To invest in a property it is not necessary to wait until it is built, for this there are the projects in preconstruction, which are those that have not yet been built, but can be purchased, the idea of developers is to place them for sale in early stages in order to finance the rest of the construction, these schemes that are widely used in projects in Miami, provides many benefits to investors.

If you are looking for investment options, know all the benefits that you can obtain when buying preconstruction projects.

Advantages and benefits of buying a property in preconstruction:

The advantages of investing in this condition of properties are excellent, you can save money buying a work in preconstruction, that is why experts estimate it as a very profitable business for all investors.

-Best Price: It is very relevant to choose the right unit and project for a good investment, at this moment the value of these properties is less than the real value in the market, getting a property in preconstruction gives the opportunity to get an excellent property for a low cost with the objective to maximize the investment through a monthly rent or a sale in the future.

-Incentives in the contract: apart from the low cost, this investment opportunity provides investors with some incentives in the purchase contract such as improvements in final finishes, high technology, financing at closing, extra parking spaces, condominium payments.

-Long-term investment: It is advisable to buy at the earliest possible stage since being an investment that is valued from the moment it is obtained, precisely because of this, the long-term investment returns will be higher.

-Secure capital gain: The surplus value of this business makes it one of the most attractive since the value of a property in real estate has a high growth.

-Payment facilities: Different payment options are established for buyers with this type of investment, usually, they start by paying an initial 35%-40% of the total value and the remaining balance is paid in installments, depending on the type of property and the conditions offered will be the time of payment.

-Valuation: People have the option to buy a finished property and then rent it but resold apartments do not appreciate in value as much as pre-construction units, and the major reason is that people prefer to buy new apartments and not used ones.

-Customize the property: One of the great incentives that these projects have is that they give you the option to choose the interior decoration or to make extensions in the structure, if the person is one of the first to invest he/she will be able to choose the location and the model according to your preferences. You are also free to ask for changes in the design or finishes, so the property will be delivered according to your choices and tastes.

When the construction process is finished, the investor has the opportunity to choose whether to sell or rent the property for a long time, or only for some time. If the owner of the property chooses to sell, he/she will most likely do so for a much higher price than the initial purchase price.

At the moment the benefits of this type of property make it one of the best in the commercial market. Investing your capital in a reliable and safe way by buying a pre-construction property is one of the best options.

See some of the properties we have in preconstruction:


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