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Know the perfect tasks to do early in the day and late in the day

-Tasks to start the day:

1. Ventilate the house: Open the windows as soon as you wake up, this way you will renew the air and you can prepare breakfast, you can do it for 5 minutes in winter and in summer.

Make the beds: A very important morning task, do not leave home without making the beds and do not leave this task for later if you stay at home, after a few minutes of ventilation, one of the first tasks you should do in the morning is this. Accustom the little ones in the house to "stretch" their sheets themselves. This way you will have the feeling of order at home for the whole day.

3. Clean the bathroom: Another early morning chore has to do with the bathroom. On the one hand, every day, before going out to work or getting to work at home, clean the bathroom in the morning.

4. Always try to pick up the mess before leaving to face the day: In general, before leaving to take the children to school daily, or go to work, even on weekends, before closing the door of the house, leave collected all the things that are not in place. Anything that may have been knocked out of place by the first thing in the morning. Thus, when you return, more tired, your home will receive you with balance and harmony.

5. Cleaning the house, in general, in the morning: Depending on your routines and work, you will have organized the cleaning tasks during the week or at the weekend, but do them first thing in the morning. You will be less lazy to tackle them. You will have the rest of the day free for other more appetizing activities. It is best to organize them by areas of the house if you want to divide them over several days.

6. Put the washing machine on first thing in the morning: Putting the washing machine on first thing in the morning allows you to hang the clothes out in the sun and let them air and dry throughout the day, with natural light.

7. Clean the windows: It is a morning chore that you should do first thing in the morning, with daylight, you will see well what you have to clean and how the windows are looking. Without natural light, you may think that you are cleaning without a good result.

-Tasks to finish the day:

8. Tidy up the cushions and blankets: A very simple task is to put the cushions on the sofa before going to bed and keep the blankets neatly folded in their place. The feeling of well-being is greater when the environment is tidy.

9. Pick up the kitchen at the end of the day: No dinner and utensils that you have used in the dining room or in the kitchen dirty. Everything in its place and the dishwasher full. Leaving dirty dishes in sight generates odors (it is more difficult to pick up later) and will make you have to face this task when you get up, in addition to those of first thing in the morning. So it's time to clean up and clean the kitchen before going to bed.

10. More tasks related to tidiness: In this case for the children of the house they must put in order their room after a day of use, study and games. It is important that they get used to do it before going to sleep. They should also prepare their backpack for the next day.

11. Task for the last hour of the day: leave breakfast ready: If you prepare the table for the next day, you will save time. The same applies if you have to take lunch to work or prepare lunch for the children. Leave everything ready at the last minute, before going to bed or sitting down to rest on the couch.

12. Prepare the next day's clothes: A fundamental task in the day to day if you go out to work or if you have an event. Prepare what you will wear, think about it to go faster when choosing clothes the next day. This way you will know if you have to iron something last minute. The same goes for children's clothes. Leave everything ready, even prepared on a chair, so they can get dressed by themselves when they get up.


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