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We are Shepha Realty

Experts buying, selling and renting real estate in South Florida

More than 20 years of experience supporting the dreams of foreign and national investors, in their purpose of buying properties in South Florida, United States. We can show you a purchase model with excellent results, to have a satisfactory experience as an investor and maximize your long-term profitability.


Why Shepha Realty?

Our mission is to facilitate the dreams of people who want to build a real estate investment estate in South Florida. 


We carry out the search for the property or business, we accompany you in obtaining your mortgage loan as a foreigner or resident, we manage your property to guarantee the care and maintenance of this investment. ​​We stand out for continuing to provide customer service after the purchase, sale or rental of real estate. ​Our goal is to make your dreams and those of your family the best investment in life. 


Realtors specialized in providing legal advice, investment, business and general consulting to locals and foreigners who live and/or invest in the real estate business in Miami and South Florida.


Discover the immense potential and opportunities of all kinds that Florida contemplates. Find a safe place for your family, through experts who know the market, the cities very well and know how to acquire credits.


Deep knowledge of law and business, as well as multicultural and linguistic knowledge that comes from education abroad, and years of experience, allows us to better understand and serve foreign and local clients in their property search.

Our team

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