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Decorate your home with plants and learn about all the benefits

Seasonal flowers and plants are always the best option to decorate the house inside and out. Especially in spring, when everything is starting, and nature is shown in all its splendor. In our blog you can learn some tips to fill every corner with its color, fragrance and freshness. Mix bulbs, ferns, vines and aromatic plants, better in pots than cut. This way they will last you the whole season.

1.The preparation of the plants, on the terrace: The terrace table is the ideal space to prepare the pots and compositions that later embellish the interior of the house.

2. A composition of hyacinths: because of their size, the bulbs (they look like an onion) are ideal for planting in small containers and presenting them alone or in a group.

3. Plants on the TV cabinet: in this living room, a ficus, a poto and a eucalyptus are the plants chosen to bring nature to the TV cabinet.

4.Where to place indoor plants: between two windows, without direct sunlight, is the best location for aromatic plants. In rustic style kitchens they are dreamy.

5. The beauty of ferns: ferns are plants that need little care, although they appreciate humidity. They are very decorative, and as they have that rustic look, they look great in pots made of materials such as stone, metal or fibers.

6. Decorate the hall with plants: in large halls, indoor trees are a success. Look how well they look with natural planters.

7.African violet: it is a plant that appreciates the heat. Water its soil (but, importantly, without touching the leaves) with warm water.

The power of the kentia: the kentia palm is one of those exotic plants capable of reviving even the dullest of living rooms. Let it grow freely and display all its splendor.

9.Your relaxation corner with indoor plants: Who wouldn't like to have a little relaxation corner like this one decorated with indoor plants to relax at the end of a busy day?

Decorating with indoor and outdoor plants applies the magic of order and turns your home into a haven of peace and happiness.


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