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Increases the interest of Colombians to invest in Miami

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

In recent months, Miami real estate companies have registered notable growth in the interest of Colombian citizens to invest or buy properties in the United States.

Colombians are currently putting their interests and eyes on Miami, as a destination to start investing or buying a home, according to Forbes.

Craig Studnicky, president of RelatedISG International Realty, a US real estate firm, who is also quoted in the article, also spoke about the above. The expert said that Colombian citizens have contacted this company in Miami because "they want existing inventory right now."

“That tells me that they not only plan to move their money, but they plan to spend some time here in Miami (…) Before, what people were looking for were pre-construction condos, but now they ask what is available on the resale market. These are not investors per se, they are families,” he stated.

With regard to the above, the Financial Times highlights that Miami has long been a refuge for Latin Americans who "flee from unrest, persecution or economic volatility in their region."

The media outlet also states that about 70% of Miami Dade County residents are Hispanic and half of the county's 2.7 million residents were born outside the United States.

The interest in investing in real estate in the United States by Latin Americans is increasing. Mainly, they see it as a great option, given the benefits that the real estate market offers foreigners in this country. The attractiveness of Florida is due, among other things, to the low costs of acquiring a property, compared to other American cities. We tell you the 5 key principles why Miami - Florida is one of the best favorite cities of Latin Americans:

  • Fun should always be present in our lives. Miami represents a great place to go on vacation, it is a very colorful and stimulating city, where the emotion accompanies you from the moment you get out of bed.

  • Go to the beach. We often have to be in contact with nature and the beach is one of the best places on the planet. Miami offers a catalog of them. The beach is a perfect place for meditation with eyes open and closed.

  • Multiculturality. By learning about different cultures we become wiser and more experienced, Miami is an ideal place for your meeting with different nationalities, because it has become the place of tourist stopover par excellence.

  • Education. It has some of the best universities in the world.

  • Great economic growth. Increase in international trade, financial services and tourism, in recent times.

Why invest in Miami if you are abroad?

  • You live peacefully receiving income in dollars or benefiting from the valuation of your property.

  • You have a stable flow of money month after month, in a currency stronger than that of your country.

  • You get tax exemptions by owning a property in Florida.

  • Great economic growth.

Would you like to find a safe place for you and your family? Remember that at Shephay Realty we look for the best opportunities to buy your home in Miami, Florida. We help and advise you to make your dream a reality. 📞Contact us.



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