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Know the requirements to receive a visa as a resident in Miami being Colombian

Colombians who invest in Miami will receive a resident visa, we tell you what the conditions are to apply for a resident visa or Green Card, through a property or a real estate project in Miami.

Miami is a very charming country for investors as the United States remains the largest and most stable economy in the world with a strong currency and all its attractions aside. The majority of Colombians are taking advantage of this opportunity and are becoming the number 1 investors in Miami in the city, investing in Miami they can more easily access the permanent resident visa.

Currently, Colombians will be able to access the EB-5 visa or investor visa, which can later be changed to a permanent resident visa or Green Card, through this special program, in which Colombians, when investing in a property in a specific real estate project that is developed in the city of Miami, they will be able to obtain a benefit in two ways: invest in real estate and be able to enjoy the advantages of being residents of the United States.

One of the requirements to be able to obtain this benefit is to make a minimum investment of 800 thousand dollars, this value will remain in a trust in the name of the construction company, the United States government and the investor, when the buyer decides to enter the business, the the process and the apartment is separated with 60 thousand dollars and the application for the EB-5 visa begins, in addition, the investor must make a payment to the United States government of 70 thousand dollars for the cost of the procedures.

After completing this entire process, a change of immigration status is managed through the lawyers, on the other hand, since the process began, the waiting time is 60 to 90 days, the social security number is obtained, which gives you a work permit and identifies the investor to pay the taxes, this would be the residence permit in the country, two years after the application, the residence is received.

The delivery of the properties has an approximate time of 27 months and for these months, the investors must already be living and working in the city, it is the decision of each investor whether to live in the property or receive the signing of a rental contract to start to collect the utility that comes from your property.

The title of the property is delivered in the fourth year, which assigns the investor as sole owner of his residence in Miami, equivalent to the amount of his investment (US$800,000), which was delivered at the beginning of the process, the $60,000 dollars that were delivered as a reserve amount are returned after receiving permanent residence.

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